Pet House Air Purificant / Odor Removal

This product is refined from natural plant extracts, which can quickly kill bacteria and remove odors, effectively degrade the harmful gas in the air inside the pet houses to keep the air fresh and natural. Long-term use of this product can keep the environment of pet houses clean and healthy, in order to make your pet enjoy a healthy life in a healthy and fresh environment. It is safe and environmentally friendly, convenient to use.

Ingredients: Organic tea saponin, organic peppermit essential oil, lavender essential oil, mannitol, curing agent

Usage: Directly tear the two vents of the box, and then put it into the box upwards.

Place it in a specific position.

Scope of application: Pet houses, sleeping places or beds etc.


1. Keep out of reach of children

2. Store in a cool and dry place

3. Keep away from fire, no squeeze

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