Indoor Air Purifier G180A/B

Model G180A/B


According to the functions, the types of this kind of purifier are: G180A  Standard Type, G180B Intelligent Type (real-time online monitoring)

This purifier is a kind of multifunctional indoor air purification equipment by independent scientific design with proprietary technology after optimized combination of different levels of various types of air purification technology. It can meet all kinds of public places of indoor air purification needs. The purified air can effectively kill common bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms etc. in the air. Also, it can effectively filter and degrade different particle size of suspended matter, harmful gas molecules attached on the micro-particles, small molecule TVOC, electromagnetic particles, tar particles, body dust and odor and other harmful and discomfortable substances etc.

Using positive and negative pressure microcirculation purification technology, it has the functions of special antibiosis, oxygenation and fresh air for the public areas, seriously polluted areas, indoor space etc. lacking of ventilation. Applicable to all kinds of office buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, gymnasium, entertainment venues and other public spaces. Particularly suitable for special airtight environment, this product is an irreplaceable good air purification device.

The indoor air quality index can achieve PM2.5 by using this product. After purification, the oxygen content in the air is fresh air.

Intelligent air purifier is added real-time online monitoring system, systematically monitoring indoor air quality, which consists of electronic sensor touch head, data acquisition sensor, air quality simulation retrieval chip and indoor air quality display screen. When the indoor air quality is below the online health and safety standards, the purification system starts; when the air quality reached the safety of the critical value, intelligent systems will enter a low-power saving operation state; when the indoor air quality of temporary danger occurs, the strong emission system will start.

Product characteristics

With multifunctional nature, a purifier can meet the comprehensive purification index of indoor air quality, thereby avoid installing more than one single function equipment.

Simple operation, easy maintenance, low energy consumption. No additional installation, connect the power to use. The salient feature of this machine is that it can be moved conveniently in different areas. 

Technical indicators

This machine has two models to adapt to the different environment, for the space of 100~110m².

Purification index: fine particles, benzene, TVOC, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms etc. in the air.

The front molecular sieve bin replacement period: 180 days

The replacement period of the vortex cylinder baffled filter cartridge: 360 days

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