Indoor Air Purifier GRSP-C02

Model GRSP-C02


1. CADR: 140

2. Shell: High-intensity ABS body, IMD operation panel;

3. Polymer bio-nano-filter: Multi gap nano biological filter layer synthesized by polymer organic materials can effectively trap small particles, pathogenic microorganisms and harmful pathogenic microorganism carrier in the air;

4. Anion: 1,000,000 pcs/cm³;

5. Filtration system: Negative ions can react with the titanium membrane filter to release titanium ion groups, and titanium ion groups can react with the organic matter in the air, to purify the air, filter replacement reminder function;

6. Mode of air inlet and outlet: Enter air from the back, exhaust air from the top, five adjustable wind speed, low speed super mute;

7. 24H timing function;

8. UV lamp

9. PM2.5 real-time digital display; 

10. Automatic operation mode;

11. Real time query of remaining life of filter screen;

12. Air quality indicator light.

Technical Parameters

Product size: 215x215x335

Screen size: φ156x161

Inner package size: 240 * 240 * 420

Single: 2kg

Voltage: DC 24V-

Power: 22W

Noise: high-grade<55 dB (A), low-grade<25 dB (A)

Applicable area≦20 ㎡

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