Home Air Purificant


It’s made from plant extracts which can destroy the bacteria and viruses effectively. Long-term use of it can kill bacteria, remove odors and effectively eliminate harmful organic pollutants in indoor air  without secondary pollution.

Scope of application

For indoor use, such as wardrobe, shoes cabinet etc.


Open the box and the vents on both sides, then put it into the box upwards. Place it in a cool and dry place. Or tear the parafilm and use it with other GreenSpring air purificant.

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Our Product Range

GreenSpring Biotec Ltd. (New Zealand) is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on developing various natural biological agents by natural biological extraction technology and the use of natural plant ingredients.

  • Air Sterilization & Disinfection
  • Pet Cleaning/Health Care
  • Home Cleaning/Personal Health Care
  • Dairy Equipment Sterilization