Dimensional Rotary Purifier


With patented photo-biology purification technology and biological carbon synthesis purification technology, this product has the following advantages:

1. The carcinogens and harmful pollutants caused by interior decoration can be changed into harmless substances.
2. Strong decomposition and transformation capabilities of pathogenic microorganisms (including bacteria, fungi, molds, mites and viruses, etc.), suspended particles and volatile compounds such as sulfur dioxide, ammonia, benzene
3. Has sterilization, antibacterial, anti-viral, and other functions.
4. Be able to effectively alleviate the use of radiation contamination caused by household appliances.
5. Produces plasma and natural freshness factor to adjust the balance of the positive and negative ions in air, increasing the fresh air.
6. Quickly decomposes and oxidates odors, smell of smoke, sweat and the stench of substances.
7. Has a strong self-purification which can avoid the bacteria accumulating and breeding that is caused by the air purifier, humidifier products, room air conditioners etc. in current market, no secondary pollution.

Suitable for families, hospitals, offices, entertainment places, hotels, conference rooms and other places.

Technical Specs


Rated voltage (V)

Power (W)

Net weight(kg)

Dimension (mm)

Flow (m3/h)

The lowest noise dB(A)









520ml supplementary liquid

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